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The Coast Guard Reserve, on the occasion of our 75th Anniversary, wishes to say:
THANK YOU to the American public for their continued and unwavering support,
and for the privilege of allowing us to serve our great Nation.

For 75 years the Coast Guard Reserve has taken on the job of “utility responder.” We have been honored to serve in every major conflict or crisis this nation has faced. From the beaches of France and Iwo Jima in World War II, to the shores of the gulf coast for Deepwater Horizon, the Coast Guard Reserve has been ready. We remain ready to respond to all threats because that is what you, the American people, expect. Although the number of reservists has lessened over the years, the demands on the Reserve have not, and to the nearly 7,000 men and women who serve today, it is a responsibility that we fully embrace and cherish.

Since our founding on February 19, 1941, the Coast Guard Reserve has taken its place alongside our brothers and sisters in each branch of our Armed Forces. Our history of professionalism, patriotism and preparedness is one in which every Coast Guard reservist and every American can take great pride.

Thank you for your continued support. Browse this site to learn more about the Coast Guard Reserve and our 75th anniversary!
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